Need to know more details?

Some of you have had a few questions. We've got some answers, but if there is something you don't see here, don't be afraid to Ask us!

Q: Do we have to be there at 11 ?  

A: Hell NO. Sleep in. Go to brunch.  But, if you are part of a team, THE TEAM needs to check at the same time (reasonably)

Q: I'm part of a team, can i still compete for best costume?  

Yes, you may still compete as an individual  while trying to compete for the grand prize. 

Q: 11 - 6 seems like a really long time. Do I have to be there the whole time?

A: NO.  Get there when you can. We set aside the entire day because we want to give you time to enjoy the artists on the East Austin Studio Tour. We emphasize that this event is a ride and not a race. Take as much or as little time as you like - most importantly, be safe on your bike and enjoy your day! Come early, take a break, and then come back for the party. Or sleep in and come late. Whatever suits your schedule. Or make a whole day of it - we will have breakfast tacos and coffee at 11, and then party and awards starting around 4 pm). 


A: For each of the designated checkpoints on our scavenger hunt, you will look for an artist or a particular piece of artwork. When you find it, take a selfie, and at the end of your ride, come back and check in with our folks, either at our base camp (A TO BE DETERMINED EXTRA SECRET LOCATION AT THE EPICENTER OF E.A.S.T. ) We will issue you a raffle ticket for each successful find. There will be a couple of locations where you can perform an activity and earn additional tickets. And finally, for each social media platform that you post a different picture on and tag us (facebook, twitter, or instagram), you will receive a bonus ticket (max bonus tickets = 3). You will choose how to distribute your raffle tickets depending on the prizes you are interested in (raffle prizes will be awarded at 5pm at the after party). AFTER ALL OTHER PRIZES HAVE BEEN RAFFLED, ALL TICKETS WILL GO INTO THE BIG BUCKET FOR A CHANCE TO WIN THE NEW BIKE!

Q: DO I HAVE TO BE AT the after party TO WIN A PRIZE?

A: Yes.  There will be food, music, and beverages. All prizes will be awarded at the after party. 

Q: IS THIS EVENT kid friendly?

A: Absolutely and we encourage you to bring your kids. Kids under 15 are free with a registered adult. What better way to teach them then to bring them with you and show them the rules of the road to safely get around Austin? Kids are not eligible for raffle prizes... but they can help you choose yours!

Q: Can we have a team and can we come in costume?

A: Yes and Yes! We have both individual and team awards for most best theme/costume/pimped-out ride as well as for most creative posts! Whatever makes it most fun for you is what makes it most fun for us!

Q: What if it rains?

A: Suck it up! This is Austin, and we don't generally get enough rain, so enjoy it while you can.

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: Only a bike and a helmet are all that are actually required. You will want to have a fully charged smartphone though so that you can take pictures as proof that you visited the checkpoints and earn raffle tickets! We also recommend that you bring a bike lock and a water bottle. 

Q: Where are the checkpoints?

A: The map of checkpoints will be available Saturday before the event. However, for now, rest assured that the riding area is bounded by Town Lake to the south, I-35 to the west, Airport Blvd to the east, and MLK, Jr. St. to the north. Riding distance over the course of the day should be far less than 10 miles unless you choose to take a particularly circuitous route. There is no defined "route", btw... you go to the checkpoints in whatever order you desire and on whichever streets (although our map will suggest some streets that would be better off avoided).

Bike E.A.S.t. Is an original concept BROUGHT TO YOU BY FRESH.